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Nasi Padang (Padang Food) at Restoran Salero Negori, Subang Jaya

Posted on: March 13, 2012

Masakan Padang at Restoran Salero Negori, Subang Jaya

My friend, Mar had been raving about Nasi Padang for a couple of years now but I’ve never had it because it was not popular among my buddies. So when I was able to meet her in Subang Jaya where she lives, she immediately brought me to Restoran Salero Negori to taste this amazing food. Nasi Padang literally means “Padang Food” in English (sometimes known as Masakan Padang or Masakan Minang), comes from West Sumatra in Indonesia but is prevalent in the state of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia where the Minangkabau people from West Sumatra settled many years ago.

Restoran_Padang by Sakurai Midori

Padang restaurant food display by Sakurai Midori

From what I researched, Nasi Padang restaurants seem to only cook their food once a day but they cook a plethora of different dishes which are then artfully displayed in the front window. Dishes are stacked like the photo above, drawing a sense of awe from people who walked by. But most importantly, it’s the rich and spicy dishes that kept customers coming back for more. There’s everything from gulai, which is a kind of traditional stew, sate, rendang, fried chicken and fish and soto (Indonesian soup). It is impossible to try them all at once! What I also noticed is that Nasi Padang features plenty of offal dishes which are not as common in Malay cuisine.

I let Mar order since it was my first time at a Padang restaurant. We had some classic dishes such as Dendeng Balado (crispy, spicy beef), Daun Pucuk Ubi dan Sambal Pedas (Tapioca Shoots and spicy chilli sauce), Ikan Goreng (fried catfish), and Ayam Goreng Padang style (fried chicken with spicy granule bits). Not to mention, we also had bowls of extra gravy from gulai ayam because they were extra delicious when eaten with rice. I didn’t quite get it at first but once I tried it, I gave Mar my signal of approval in my eyes while I gorged on it with my mouth closed. Oh, and the granule bits from the chicken … it was so good!

Restoran Salero Negori, Subang Jaya Tissue Paper at Restoran Salero Negori, Subang Jaya Restoran Salero Negori, Subang Jaya

As far as drink is concerned, we just went with Teh Botol, which is a popular sweetened Jasmine tea from Indonesia and rose flavoured milk called Air Bandung. Every dish was super tasty and some left my lips burning. What made it even better was that we ate it with our hands instead of forks and spoons. It’s just a very traditional way of eating in Indonesia and Malaysia. Because we were using our hands, we had a pot of water before our meal from which water was poured from to clean the hands. So make sure you don’t drink water from this pot if you ever see one on a table.

If you are planning to visit Indonesia, Malaysia, or Singapore, try Nasi Padang if you can because this will be a great experience for any first timers. Some items might look foreign to you but don’t be put off by the looks. Just ask and find out what it is because you never know what you’re missing.

2 Responses to "Nasi Padang (Padang Food) at Restoran Salero Negori, Subang Jaya"

I googled nasi padang so that I could learn about it…I have been exploring Malaysian/Indonesian ingredients and recipes for a few hours now, thanks to your wonderful site. You have inspired me to be brave and try cooking with ingredients I have never used before (such as belacan, lemongrass, melaka and pandan leaves). I had never even heard of any of these ingredients until this morning. Let me know what you think of my first menu…I am going to make sayur lodeh and lontong, along with onde onde for dessert. Thanks for inspiring me to open my eyes to a new food culture…I’m very excited for this new adventure!

That sounds great! Even I haven’t made them before. Let me know how it goes.

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