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Singaporean Delicacies at Toast Box in Bishan, Singapore

Posted on: May 8, 2012

Singaporean Delicacies at Toast Box in Bishan, Singapore

After a fantastic time with my friend Ling and her family in Johor Bahru, we finally took a taxi the next day and arrived in Singapore. It’s fairly easy to get to Singapore as there were plenty of buses running. However, we hired a taxi because it’s much quicker and the journey to Bugis Village took about an hour. According to the driver, Malaysian taxis can only stop at the taxi terminal in Bugis, so he was unable to bring us to our hostel in Mount Emily. Since Singapore is such a walkable city, we walked there instead!

Hangout at Mt. Emily Hangout at Mt. Emily Private Room at Hangout at Mt. Emily Wild Rockets, Hangout at Mt. Emily Hangout at Mt. Emily Rec Room, Hangout at Mt. Emily Rooftop, Hangout at Mt. Emily Rooftop, Hangout at Mt. Emily Rooftop, Hangout at Mt. Emily

From our research, Hangout @ Mt. Emily has outstanding reviews from previous guests and I can see why. The hostel is modern and the private rooms are very clean. In Singapore, accommodation is not cheap but we got a room with three beds, a futon (which can be used as a fourth bed), and a insuite bathroom for S$140 a night. What a deal! Actually the price was for two beds but they gave us a larger room. =) The hostel also has a recreational room, a beautiful rooftop patio, free Wifi and internet at their lounge. Their cafe, Wild Rocket is a casual place that serves up simple and hearty breakfast for guests; and by hearty I meant eggs, sausage, bacon, toasts, baked beans, and more. In the evening, Wild Rocket becomes an upscale restaurant that serves modern Singaporean food a la carte or as part of their fancy nine course tasting menu for about S$90. The menu certainly looked inventive but unfortunately, my partner and I simply could not afford it. =(

Singaporean Delicacies at Toast Box in Bishan, Singapore

We headed out to meet my secondary school best friend, Huay Sean in Bishan right after we checked into the hostel. Since she was on her lunch break, we went out to Toast Box to get some Singaporean food. Singapore’s food is very similar to Malaysia’s because of it’s proximity and their shared culture. My first impression of Toast Box is of an upscale coffee shop similar to Old Town Coffee and Pappa Rich in Malaysia. I know, I know, the best place to sample Singapore’s food is at the hawker centres but I was hungry alright!

Singaporean Delicacies at Toast Box in Bishan, Singapore Singaporean Delicacies at Toast Box in Bishan, Singapore

I ordered some Singaporean coffee to go with my mee rebus, which is yellow noodles served with a sweetish gravy, hard boiled eggs, and aromatics. I don’t remember eating much of this dish when I was growing up but I am glad I got to try it this time. My partner ordered nasi lemak, which happens to be an extremely popular food in Malaysia. Their version comes with coconut scented rice, fried eggs, fried chicken, and a touch of sambal. The food was quite okay but it was not the best I’ve had. I just wished the gravy for my mee rebus was more intensely spiced.

We didn’t plan on spending much at Singapore as it’s quite expensive. The US dollar didn’t get us very far because US$1 only bought S$1.25. However, I managed to try some Hainanese chicken rice and visited the famous Raffles Hotel which I will elaborate more in my next post on my Southeast Asia trip.

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