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Culinary School Reflection Week 27 – 30

Posted on: August 9, 2012

My Prinsesstårta (Swedish Princess Cake) amongst other cakes

So, that was it. I have finally graduated culinary school. While I was absent from this blog for the past three weeks or so, we’ve accomplished so much in class. We did plenty of sugar art from ribbons and candy canes to putting together a sculpture from all the bits and pieces. They look great but it’s just not something that I want to focus on in the future.

We also spent three days to create a celebration cake and I could understand why people would pay top bucks for a cake decorator to create an elegant cake. It’s not easy! My vision was to create a three-tier Prinsesstårta, which is a Swedish Princess Cake. It’s is common for cake decorators to use fondant because its white colour and smooth surface makes a great canvas for any sort of decorations. However, I personally do not enjoy the taste of most fondants. It does not matter if the cake looks great sometimes; if it tastes awful, nobody is going to remember the looks anyways. My cake is a vanilla sponge with raspberry jam, whipped cream and vanilla cream fillings with a marzipan exterior. Our team also hand piped traditional batik patterns around the cake for that elegant finish.

Finals had not been easy either. We had to produce moulded chocolates with a ganache filling, a marzipan rose, a buttercream cake with nougatine, bread rolls, cookies and a lemon tart. While there are definitely room for improvement, I was happy that nothing went terribly wrong, especially in a warm kitchen. Warmth and pastry don’t always go well together. I did not achieve honours in both culinary and pastry but my marks were something I am very proud of. Marks are not the only indication of success. What’s more important sometimes, is the passion in what we do. I remembered learning to hold and cut using a knife properly back in January and now, in August, I feel more confident that I’ve ever felt before in both the savoury and pastry side of the kitchen. I will never look at food the same way again.

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